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What To Do When Norton Safe Search Icons Not Display?

Norton antivirus is used to protect our electronic gadgets like our computers, laptops, android phones, apple phones and tablets etc. from virus, malicious programs, spyware, Trojans etc. it also protects our devices while internet browsing. Although it is active all the time, sometimes it shows that Norton safe search not showing. The first step to check that why is this happening, is to update your Norton to its latest version. You can check the version of your Norton on the update centre online or you can contact your service provider if you purchased it from a service provider. But if your Norton is already updated then try out the following:

Enable Norton Toolbar if it is not showing on chrome:

  • Launch your Norton antivirus. In case a pop up appears then follow the given instruction in the pop up window. Else follow the instructions given below.
  • Go to Identity by double clicking it.
  • Open identity safe.
  • Open Settings by clicking on its icon.
  • Go to the general tab next to Google Chrome and then press on install extension.
  • Read the instructions for installing of extensions.
  • Now you can install all the related extension from Norton.

We hope that this has helped you but if you have any problem in doing the task or any other query, then contact us at Norton Support Number 1-800-431-404 for good results. We will definitely get you out of the trouble and we are also available via live chat where you can chat with our experts, who will guide you with easy solutions or contact via Email to remain in touch with us. We are glad to listen to you and do every possible thing to solve your issue.

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