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How To Update Norton Internet And Mobile Security Setup?

A user can have the latest version of Norton application at any time when it is available officially. There are many ways to renew these products and it is good to have the latest version of the security software to protect the system from every sort of potential threats. This is also because, when the company identifies a new virus or new problem related to the software then they add special features to their software which can vanish that issue.

Let’s see how to renew the Norton Internet Security and Mobile Security

How To Update Norton Internet And Mobile Security Setup?

From your account

1 First of all, login to your Norton account to start the process of updating the application. If in case, you don’t remember the password recover it and by following the steps.

2 Go to Devices page and after selecting your device name click Update button beside the name of the application. It will take several minutes wait until it gets complete.

From Norton Update Center

a. Navigate to Update Center and select Update Me Now button. If it doesn’t automatically download the program then you have to do this manually.

b. Now, when File-Download-Security Warning window appears to you, select the Run button.

c. Follow the on-screen to install the updates.

Update Norton Mobile Security

If your Android device has Norton Mobile Security application then to renew it, you have to open the Google Play Store app. Now, type the name of the application in the search box and when the same name appears select it to open and hit the Update button. It will start to download and will be completed within minutes. That’s all you need to do to do this task. If you have bugged of unexpected and unknown technical errors while upgrading, activating, scheduling scan and other tasks then, dial a toll-free Norton Support Number 1-800-431-404 to avail the help from our experts. We have the professionals who can overcome such difficulties and make you relax with every sort of hiccups.