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How do I Install and Activate Norton AntiVirus Online with CD?

Virus is considered to be the most frightful nightmares for any computer user. There are varying impacts of virus on the computer system; some being complex and some simple. It causes application and programs to process inaccurate and target the data stored in hard drive. It disturbs everything. Norton is believed to be the best antivirus software. In order to install this program into your system, we, Norton Antivirus Support Australia ease your task effectively.

We are the best pick among all the independent service sources. We come to your way on call. Just dial Norton Antivirus Support Number Australia. One of our team members takes your queries to resolve. We address to the point solution to every queries asked by you. Our team comprises of skilled software engineers and experienced technical experts. You can use our helpline numbers anytime from anywhere by just paying reasonable amount. We give some step by step instructions to go through. Steps are impactful and easy to learn and to act on. All steps are designed by professional techies.

How do I Install and Activate Norton AntiVirus Online with CD?

Step 1- Insert CD into the CD drive.

Step 2- Ensure that no other antivirus is installed. If any, remove that antivirus program as soon as possible.

Step 3- Read carefully and accept the End User License Agreement.

Step 4- Enter the product key. You can easily get it from the Norton Antivirus CD kit. Insert the key properly and press enter.

Step 5- Wait till Live Update completes the installation process. All you have to do is to keep doing ‘Next’ option.

Step 6-Go through the screen instructions with default setting configuration.

Step 7- Restart the computer for the proper and complete installation.

Step 8- Keep your system safe by activating Norton antivirus.

Step 9- Check for the latest updates and other versions.

Step 10- You can scan and kill all the system issues through Norton Antivirus program from now.

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