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How To Download Norton’s Power Eraser Tool?

An antivirus which determines all types of threats which most often occur in the systems and are really vulnerable. It takes help from signatures and heuristics to make out what kind of virus has actually generated to destroy your PC. Spam emails, filtering, security from malware activities and phishing are some more attributes which have benefited people in large numbers. It has two running process that has RAM of 24 MB and gradually with the time, there were improvements in the speed and performance as well. You will come to know about this in detail when you will approach Norton Support.

There is one tool to identify and remove viruses known as ‘power eraser’ that is quite easy to download and no installation needed. Even if there is any other security product installed in it, then also you can run this tool for scanning threats. In case, a computer doesn’t get start in normal mode, run it in safe mode. One more thing to remember, it works only in Windows operating system, not in Mac OS X. It performs aggressively and can take those things also for removal which are important. So, have a careful look on the files which are scanning. By mistake, if you did something wrong, you can make a review at repair sessions of the past and undo them. After performing just three steps, you can use the power eraser tool:

How To Download Norton’s Power Eraser Tool?

1. Download it and choose the location of a desktop for saving. For running it, tap twice on NPE.exe file and go through the license agreement to accept it.

2. Next thing is to run a scan by hitting icon of ‘scan for risks’. It will automatically take you to the rootkit scan and will ask for a system restart. If you do not need this, go to settings and uncheck on it.

3. Last one is to affix the dangers that will be displayed by the word ‘bad’ and you will be advised to remove it. You can receive the status of ‘unknown’ also, for which you have to go deep inside to identify what kind of threat it is. Before fixing the issue, make sure ‘create system restore point before proceeding with fix’ is chosen.

Are you not happy with the instructions given? Not an issue; give a call at Norton Support Number and share your sufferings with our experienced executives. Without letting you down, they will rectify your error that is spilling out.

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