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How To Disable Norton Security Program From My Laptop?

Norton Antivirus is the best software designed to safeguard the laptops, computers and mobile phones from malware and viruses. But users may confront many situations in which he needs to disable the antivirus program. Sometimes Norton Center conflicts with the system or device to download certain desired programs related which may slow down the system so, to prevent this situation disabling the antivirus is the best way. It can be uninstalled also by going to the computer settings from Control Panel. Well, there are many methods to disable the application but here we are explaining some.

Norton Support never steps back to help customers in such problems. Users may reach them without any hesitation. To disable this antivirus follow the steps given below:

1. Disable Norton 2009 from Windows

Power on the laptop and go to Start.

Select All Programs and then select the application.

Click Settings and locate the option of Computer Scans.

Toggle off the settings beside the option of Microsoft Office Automatic Scan which will disable its version of 2009 program.

Save the changes you made.

2. Disable Norton version 2002-2004 in Windows

Go to Start and select All Programs.

Open the antivirus to make changes in this program.

Select Options and then click Miscellaneous.

You will see the option of Enable Office Plug-in, remove the check mark from the box next to this option.

Save the changes by clicking on OK.

Reboot the system to refresh the setup of the laptop.

3. Disable the firewall in Norton Security

Go to start and open the application.

Click on Norton Internet Security tab to enter the settings.

Next, click Settings.

Now you have to Turn off the Auto-Protect.

Do the same for Personal Firewall.

We hope the puzzle is solved by following these above steps but if still there is doubt in your mind then make a call to Norton Support Australia who will assist you in this situation. Don’t create a vivid picture in the mind when you can solve the puzzle, reach them fast and grab the opportunity of best services provided by the support team. The assistant who solves the query explains the solution in a friendly manner so don’t stop and make a call to support team.

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