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How Do I Install Norton Internet Security?.

There are two ways to install Norton Internet Security:

How Do I Install Norton Internet Security?

Online Method:

a. For that you have to go to the official website.

b. Sign up using correct credentials.

c. Buy Norton Internet Security.

d. Download the small setup.

e. The setup here is different, it would work in conjunction with the official website and therefore you would not need to activate it once it is installed.

2. Offline Method:

a. Insert the Norton Security CD.

b. Follow the Onscreen and install the software.

c. Once installed, you would have to enter the activation key.

d. To do that, look at the back of your software CD package, note down the product ID.

e. Double click the Norton Icon on the desktop.

f. Click on File -> register and enter the Product Key.

g. Select “activate the product Online”.

h. You would not be directed to online page, sign up here using your real credentials.

i. The site automatically detects your software, if not, enter your product key.

j. After reviewing the details, click on “Done”.